TABI is an “initiative” that develops and facilitates opportunities to developed agro-biodiversity activities, and also to integrate ABD into relevant programmes and policies by providing funding and technical support to on-going programmes and especially to new ‘initiatives’ in agriculture, environment, livelihood, education health etc. with the intention of embedding agro-biodiversity issues in decision making processes at the national and local levels. Take a look at our different types of core activities by exploring the three areas below.

Agro-Biodiversity Livelihoods

TABI tests and demontrates a range of farm and landscape based activities with farmers and communities View all

Forest and Agriculture Land Use Planning

TABI has developed an approach to land use planning that assists in sustainable use of ABD ecosystems, improved land tenure for communities and increased in forest cover. View all

Agro-Biodiversity Education

TABI works with different educational institutes from primary to university level to ensure knowledge on ABD is being learnt by the next generation. View all